About us

The real estate company “alyusr” was established in 1997 has wide of residential projects in Alex, and we are seeking to be a leader in the field of real estate development in the Egypt and Arab nation.

And because we are keen to develop and improve residential community we create PRIME HOMES, to undertake the greatest importance of real estate studies and designs to produce the finest real estate products and services distinguished in its innovation and quality. PRIME HOMES gives special attention to secure the needs and interests of its customers so that they are forever satisfied.

PRIME HOMES is also eager to develop and strengthen its society economically and humanly within its vision of achieving sustainable development. It has been achieving continuous successes and steady growth through its distinctive projects that have been achieved within a few years of its launch. PRIME HOMES Company is one of the main companies affecting the real estate market in EGYPT; it also contributes to restore the confidence of real estate investors and investment through good investment returns achieved by these projects.

PRIME HOMES approves on many of the planned goals connected with the development of the field of real estate development and investment opportunities; moreover, it believes in its responsibility to fulfill the objectives of the Egypt citizen in acquisitions and investments.

  1. Develop the real estate sector.
  2. Meet the requirements of the EGYPTIAN citizens.
  3. Keep up with the revitalization taking place in the EGYPT in all areas.
  4. Meet the demands of population growth by creating the complexes’ service.
  5. Put future plans, strategies and visions for real estate actions.
  6. Benefit from others’ experiences in the field of real estate development.